Where we are, is where were supposed to be
Where we are, keeps the breath in me

Westlife is coming to the Philippines this September 2011 in Manila… No concert details yet, but the real important thing is that……….

Westlife’s coming back!!!!

WooHoo… Going to meet Nicky Byrne for the first time…

Reblog if you are ready for American Idol TONIGHT! :) (And if you are LOVING the amazing talent of Season 10)


American Idol, baby!

 imageThe new judges make it even more epic! :) 


James Durbin


Scotty McCreery


Haley Reinhart


Casey Abrams


Lauren Alaina


Jacob Lusk 

Season 10 FTW, baby! :D These are the faces of pure and true talent! Thanks for being so amazing, guys! :) 



American Idol Season 10 FTW!! <3 


*Credit Gifs To Original Owner..NOT MINE*  :) Thank You! 

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Name: Hazel
Gender: Female 
Height: 5’2
Orientation: Not so familiar w/ this. Im so sorry…
Age: 15
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Smoking?: NEVER
Drinking?: NEVER
Drugs?: NEVER
Job: Student
Education Level: 3rd yr. highschool 
Favorite Sport: Can’t play any sport, I have an allergy. But I play boardgames on the spot
Favorite Color: Violet 
Favorite Band: Westlife!
Siblings: 2 brothers
Tattoos? Not a hint in my body
Piercings? Earpiercing
Perfect Date: Not gonna think of it. Still young to experience that though.
Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Acting, Playing musical instruments, Reading and playing with the computer.
Have any questions? I wonder if Scotty could read this. I mean, a lot signed this one. I would be lucky if he reads this and have a peek of knowing a bit of me. PS: Hi Scotty! I know u are the next American Idol! 



It would be TV… Because inside the TV I would see all the animated stuffs….


Some people are sending me messages in a different language that I don’t know. Please note that I only understand English and Tagalog! (:

U are a Filipino??????

If u are.. That’s a great coincidence!!!!!!!!

AHAHAHAHA… Friend me., I mean follow me!


An excellent documentary of Scotty’s performances on Idol……..

I Salute you JasonEdge! You did a very dedicating job for compiling Scotty’s performances.

ScottyMacs, McCreerians, Scotty fans, check this out and let’s see back-to-back all of Scotty’s performances.

Scotty really grew every week. No wonder he is still on Idol. He is worth of it. Scotty McCreery, you are without a doubt, the next America Idol.

This performance aint got nothing wrong…. 

Scotty is just being Scotty….. 

Guess Scotty just need to choose more challenging and a little risky song…

What do y’all think of it?

Don&#8217;t ya hide Scotty..
Nor ya go home.. We still want to hear ur great voice!!!
Scotty for the win!

Don’t ya hide Scotty..

Nor ya go home.. We still want to hear ur great voice!!!

Scotty for the win!

Getting the chills with Scotty in with the top 6…….

Getting hectic ‘round here….